Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Web server can connect locally but cannot remotely
Date:   2006-12-01 10:31:19
From:   sjm65536
I have Personal Web Sharing turned On, the Firewall is turned off, and computers (Tiger and WinXP) on my private network can connect to my webpage (and my users' private webpages) via my domain name. But remote visitors cannot connect to my webpage (from their computers on other networks) via my domain name (nor my IP address).

What could be preventing remote webpage connections?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Web server can connect locally but cannot remotely
    2007-05-30 22:05:15  Zugmeister [View]

    Something this article doesn't mention (I think because it would muddy the water a bit and take the wind out of the writers sails) is that a residential connection will commonly BLOCK outgoing traffic on port 80, or web service going out. If you really want to host your own site from home, look into getting a SOHO account or just call your ISP and ask them why your web service isn't getting out. Something else you may need to do is set up your router so that any requests made on port 80 (web) get routed to the computer on your network that's serving the pages. This is often called "port forwarding" and can be used to get around the port 80 block.