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  When Linux Runs Out of Memory
Subject:   Source needs some changes to compile
Date:   2006-12-01 03:50:13
From:   mulyadi_santosa
Response to: Source needs some changes to compile


Thank you for the clarification. However, IIRC, both !(myblock) or (!myblock) should yield same result. I am away from dedicated Linux box right now, but I'll confirm it ASAP.



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  • Source needs some changes to compile
    2007-06-21 16:33:31  deStilaDo [View]

    IAACP and no, it's wrong.
    Even if it's accepted by any compiler, it shouldn't.
    The grammar of the C language states that parenthesis are mandatory part of "if statement", formally know as "selection_statement":

    selection_statement: in statement
    IF '(' expression ')' statement
    | IF '(' expression ')' statement ELSE statement


  • Source needs some changes to compile
    2006-12-01 07:55:22  nathan@nathanpowell.org [View]

    No the OP is right. IANACP but for it to compile with GCC 4.1.2 I had to make the same changes.