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  Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   HAH you have no clue..
Date:   2002-08-07 15:05:31
From:   macwoman
Apple declared itself dead when it declared its beloved operating system dead. Get over it. X is a flop because practically NO ONE except a geek, even former Mac experts, even CARE about most of the stuff you listed that X supposedly can do. They have no clue what they are so they don't miss them or want them. Get a grip, X just plain sucks from a user standpoint. Apple has made the fatal mistake of turning its users upon each other with I HATE OS X fights.
I am plain sick of it, and sick of Apple for abandoning us.
Sure you have some geeks who are thrilled with the candy coated UNIX, but the "rest of us" are not amused and are awaiting the resurrections and for JOBS to eat humble pie. His company's life depends on it.
Otherwise, 20% of all Mac users is all he's going to get and that just isn't enough.
I'm fed up and have gone with PCs.....if I'm going to have the aggravation of the BSOD it may as well be on a computer that someone knows something about.............BAH!
X just sucks so bad, it makes my stomach turn to look at it.
BSD and all your other alphabet soup ramblings my butt...who the heck cares?
Most of us want an OS with the easy fix, and it's NOT X.
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  • HAH you have no clue..
    2003-11-03 11:47:07  anonymous2 [View]

    Macomwna, you don't like OS X, you say you prefer OS 9, so you're switching to Windows? Why not just stick with OS 9?? I mean, if OS X had NEVER come out, would you switch to Windows? Not from the sound of it. So why switch to Windows now? What is it in OS 9 that has changed? Honestly, you don't make much sense.

  • HAH you have no clue..
    2002-08-23 11:16:00  zeroaxs [View]

    As much as you may love OS9, it's kind of like trying to live on a ship that has a 10-foot hole in the bottom of it. It's going to sink no matter how much you love it, or hate the alternative (OSX). It's time to stop raging against the light and embrace it. Development for 9 is going to dry up eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), and you will be stuck with an OS that doesn't have the functionality you want or the compatibility you need, and all because you are unwilling to let go of some antiquated belief that it is better simply because it is not UNIX-based. I have a saying for that, build a bridge.... and get over it.
  • HAH you have no clue..
    2002-08-08 01:28:08  timmyers [View]

    From this users standpoint OS X is great, a MASSIVE improvement on OS9, frankly from a user perspective OS 9 is a pretty poor UI. OS 9 is creaking at the seams it's old, primitive in it's internal structure and abilities, it's reached the end of the road and Apple knew it would never cope with the future requirements of an OS, tried to rewrite it (remember the Copeland project?) and failed. OSX was the ONLY way that Apple was going to survive and Jobs knew it.

    One thing you are right about is that apart from the application toolbar appearing at the top of the screen there is very little traditionally 'mac like' about OSX and I guess that's hard for some people.

    Your 'ressurections' aren't going to happen, the installed user base will upgrade to OSX either as the software and or the hardware demands it and OS9 will become just a memory. In the end the OS9 users will be the 20%....or less.