Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Simpler fix ? (with error messages)
Date:   2002-08-07 09:33:13
From:   kwidholm
Response to: Simpler fix ?

If you take a look at /var/log/daily.out, you'll see these error messages repeated there (assuming you've set up your computer to do its maintenance tasks). I don't get these messages when sending mail to root, I get them as part of the daily maintenance tasks or if I issue the 'sudo mailq' command.

The interesting thing is that when I issue the 'mailq' command with the -v (verbose) switch, I get the following message:
Warning: .cf file is out of date: sendmail 8.12.2 supports version 10, .cf file is version 9

Would be nice to see Apple address all this stuff.

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  • Simpler fix ? (with error messages)
    2002-09-07 22:37:47  jtangney [View]

    Regarding these and other messages, I found a resource that appears convincing - I am not qualified to vouch for its accuracy ;-> See

    I wish I knew/understood more about this. The upshot is that Apple needs to do some tweaking (perhaps already addressed in 10.2?) for sendmail to be 100% correctly configured.