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  X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Subject:   X11 and Open Office
Date:   2006-11-18 09:08:00
From:   DavidCowell42
Hi, When I try to install Open Office on my Mac it says I need X11. When I try to instal X11 a message says that 'you cannot instal X11 on this volume. Newer software already exists on your computer'. Can anyone explain how I get round this problem. Much obliged. David
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  • X11 and Open Office
    2007-12-12 05:29:41  j0nn0 [View]

    You have probably downloaded the version for 10.3 and you are running Tiger (10.4)? - Just a guess. You have to install it from the Mac OS X Install Disc 1 /Optional Installs (scroll down if you don't see it at first).
  • X11 and Open Office, installation not complete
    2007-02-09 10:09:47  jthornt1 [View]

    I am an iMAC convert. Thought I would try Open Office. Downloaded it; and latest X11. Both resident. When I open Open Office, I can only see a Word Processing application. My assumption is I have improperly installed the .dmg.

    How do I access the remaining application structure?
  • X11 and Open Office
    2007-02-07 16:14:35  ssjadway [View]

    I have the same problem as David. Looks like Apple does NOT want us to get openoffice.org, as it may cut into its deal with Microsoft re. MS Office for Mac... what do you think?
  • X11 and Open Office
    2006-12-06 10:55:32  StuartDMT [View]

    Hello - Tragically green newbie here. Just got a MacBook Pro - 2GHz DualCore processor w/1.5 Gb RAM and OS X Tiger. Otherwise I've been working with PCs for many years. I get the 'cannot install X11 on this volume. Newer software already exists..." message, too. Unfortunately, I've not been able to figure this one out. Can't find much online about it - I'd sure appreciate some help. Thanks - Stuart
  • X11 and Open Office
    2006-12-04 11:24:19  Andy_C [View]

    Okay, after some further searching I figured it out for myself. David, if you or anyone else still need some help getting open office to run then shoot me an e-mail.
  • X11 and Open Office
    2006-12-04 10:56:10  Andy_C [View]

    I am having this same problem. David if you figured it out please let me know the solution. If someone else could help me I would appreciate it as well. I am trying to install open office on my Intel MacBook 1.83 GHz Core Duo OS X Version 10.4.8 w/ EFI and SMC firmware updates. Thanks.