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Subject:   transfering music from shuffle to itunes
Date:   2006-11-06 12:46:30
From:   haikukelly
Hi, my hard drive recently failed and had to be replaced. I consequently lost all of my music except for the songs on my shuffle. At this point my shuffle does not recognize my computer. My options appear to be either to erase all my songs on my shuffle or leave it how it is. I would love to be able to transfer my songs from my shuffle to my computer. Its all I have left of an extensive music library. Understandably depressing. If anyone knows of how to get the songs from my shuffle back to my itunes let me know. Thanks!
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  • transfering music from shuffle to itunes
    2007-04-16 21:56:50  JLEE42189 [View]

    • transfering music from shuffle to itunes
      2008-11-17 11:06:37  shuffleluvr [View]

      when you go to put new songs on your shuffle believe me my sister did this and it worked copy tthe songs from your playlist to your media player on your computer it works like a charm
    • transfering music from shuffle to itunes
      2007-06-21 21:17:14  LEEMAN1212 [View]

      Without installing itunes Connect ipod to computer.if already software installed, uninstall it.

      doble click mycomputer

      select your ipod from listed devices

      From main menu select tools->Folder options

      select View Tab. in advanced settings

      select show hidden files and folders

      now some folders will be displyed in ipod drive

      copy them to your computer and install itunes now.

      when it asks for erase and sync respond yes.

      add the folder you copied from your ipod to play list.

      • transfering music from shuffle to itunes
        2008-11-17 11:07:24  shuffleluvr [View]