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Subject:   Question
Date:   2006-11-01 23:11:07
From:   KatMason
I just saw some amazing photos where the background was grayscale, but the object in the middle was colored. It wasn't using a focal b&w... It looked like the whole photo was grayscale, then a persn had colored the main object with a color of their choice. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this?


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    2007-02-01 17:53:50  PhillipB [View]

    I use PhotoShopCS and PhotoShopCS2 and this might be similar to Elements. Here is an easy way without outlining the subject for color.
    1st - go to "Hue/Saturation"
    2nd - then drag "Saturation" to the far left, then hit enter.
    3rd - you now have a new layer (Hue/Saturation). Now, make sure the "black box" on your tool box is on the bottom.
    4th - use your "Erasure" tool and drag it over the subject/item you want in color.
    Good Luck