Develop Your Own Plugins for Eclipse, Part 1
Subject:   where is part2
Date:   2006-10-20 23:41:48
From:   daniel_to_bird
Response to: part 2?

tell me the how can i get part2
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  • where is part2
    2006-10-21 03:50:14  romje [View]

    Hi daniel,
    the part 2 was ready for a while but noone was volontary to read it (my english written is not very good) so I never pusblished it ...
    If someone is volontary to do this I can send him the tarball with the article...

    • where is part2
      2007-03-07 02:09:11  Amnesi4c [View]

      If you haven't found any readers/reviewers yet please let me know, I would like to volunteer for it(I dont have any prior experience in this regard, but can do a good job I feel). Please publish the part2 ASAP.
    • where is part2
      2006-12-15 07:02:13  PhilBowker [View]


      As a native English speaker with a wife qualified as a proof reader I would be very happy to review this for you. I am also very much interested in the technical content!

      Please contact me to take this further.


    • where is part2
      2006-11-22 03:33:46  truemartian [View]

      well i agree to Volunteer wud be great for the community as well as for me if u send the tarball...cheers