What's New in Eclipse 3.2 Java Development Tools
Subject:   About Eclipse Plugin
Date:   2006-10-18 23:38:30
From:   shiju_pc

I am Using Eclipse 3.2,And i am also using Abator Plugin to run the iBATIS project.But I have get only erroneous output..So anybody can give a detailed suggestion about this problem..


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  • About Eclipse Plugin
    2006-11-13 06:22:48  jcblitz [View]

    Abator works fine for me in 3.2.x. It might be something with the way you have it setup. Please post on the mailing list and we can help you there.
  • About Eclipse Plugin
    2006-10-19 06:28:26  Ed Burnette | O'Reilly Author [View]

    You're going to have that on the support forum for that particular plug-in, or contact its authors.