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Subject:   Relationship between dpi and photo size
Date:   2006-10-17 08:26:26
From:   Moggy
I'm a litte confused about dpi as it relates to resolution. Is it the same thing, and how does dpi relate to the size of the photo? Is it the larger the dpi the larger the picture?
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  • Relationship between dpi and photo size
    2007-06-21 16:49:25  greatpix [View]

    DPI os an old term used for printing pictures as in a newspaper or books. The graphic was photographed through a halftone screen to break it into various size dots. You can look at an old book with a magnifying glass and see the dots. DPI means Dots Per Inch. It is not used in digital pictures and has nothing to do with size. It is a resolution quality.

    The pixel is the digital term. Screen resolution determines the displayed size. A 600 x 800 screen setting is a different size than a 768 x 1024 screen.