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Subject:   Where are the Updates?
Date:   2002-08-06 02:39:24
From:   kyl
I have a Mac OS X partition and definitely prefer it. OS X is amazing! Unfortunately I have to boot into OS 9 too often because some manufacturers are lazy to switch, as Coda and Digidesign in the music/audio market (Finale, ProTools). Do we have to wait until... when, then?
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  • Where are the Updates?
    2002-08-06 11:29:42  clvrmnky [View]

    The hard-core music apps have been slow to move to OS X. Not as slow as the publishing apps, but slow enough.

    I'm really hoping Apple's aquisition of Emagic will bootstrap the music production into this century. With Reason 2.0 and Logic Audio running natively on OS X, the other vendors will have to reconsider their schedules.

    It seemed to work for the video production crowd, anyway.