What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Travel and web2.0
Date:   2006-10-12 06:57:29
From:   Travel20
looking for interested parties in travel and web 2.0.


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  • Travel and web2.0
    2007-07-14 03:54:54  Amirhossein [View]

    I am interested. Mostly in the architecture behind web 2.0 applications. Currently designing a network logic for education purposed "collaborating learning"
  • Travel and web2.0
    2006-10-30 15:20:42  clavis [View]

    Hi Mark,
    would be interested. I am working on some projects right now.

    Rgds - Armin
  • Travel and web2.0
    2006-10-26 11:26:15  brrr [View]

    hi mark, i'm interested.I work for a startup in Web2.0 travel...