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Subject:   browser constantly refreshes
Date:   2006-10-10 18:28:16
From:   jaybird2
I've got this example working for me somewhat, only the web page keeps refreshing. The url specified in the loadPage() function (last line of the initBrowser() function) is refreshed over and over and over, non-stop.

Anyone else have this issue? Your help would truly be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • browser constantly refreshes
    2006-10-11 06:37:55  jaybird2 [View]

    I found the solution. After using the "quick and dirty instructions" below I was trying to run the widget by entering the chrome address (chrome://mybrowser/content) from the address bar in an instance of firefox. Works best by command line.
    mozilla -chrome chrome://mybrowser/content

    I had to replace 'mozilla' with 'firefox' for it to work for me...
    firefox -chrome chrome://mybrowser/content

    Thanks again for the great xul example!