Logical and Physical Software Design with Microsoft .NET
Subject:   Pictorial Representation
Date:   2006-10-10 14:20:02
From:   Praveen_Pandey
This is a good example to show why one should think before diving into development.
I am struggling with the pictorial representation of applications like this. What kind of a diagram should I create besides class diagram that will explain the interaction between various layers in a physical design diagram. My best guess is a sequence diagram should do it. However, once I have created few sequence diagrams in this application (assuming I am adding more features) things start to look redundent. Can you suggest a better way to show this app using diagrams.


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  • Pictorial Representation
    2006-10-24 08:34:23  mstiefel [View]

    I do not know of any better way to do this.
    • Pictorial Representation
      2007-10-25 04:51:35  fariborz [View]

      I don,t know how can I show the relations among of the components of knowledge management system or physical model the other word,what kind of diagrams are present which can do you have any sample of physical design to show me?