Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   iPod to TV issue SOLVED!!!!
Date:   2006-10-07 00:09:05
From:   Kingjperro
Response to: iPod to TV issue SOLVED!!!!

Sorry I meant the yellow wire is now audio and the red wire is now audio.


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  • iPod to TV issue SOLVED!!!!
    2006-11-26 15:33:10  taby [View]

    I have gone through your website, which nodoubt is very informative, great job. Your website convinced me to buy Ipod, so i did and its a 80 gb video IPOD, but when I connect it to TV as per your guidence it gives me good sound on Tv but no Video, I made sure many times , I do have right colour combination, everything with wires are fine, tv out is on, checked on both NTSC and Pal, but still no VIDEO, could you help with my problem, the cable i have is same as you pic on website. will appreciate your soonest reply. Thanks
  • iPod to TV issue SOLVED!!!!
    2006-10-07 00:13:36  Kingjperro [View]

    Sorry screwed up again!!!!!!!!!!!!! The YELLOW wire is now Audio and the RED wire is now VIDEO!!!!!

    THERE NOW IT's GOOD!!!!!!!!
    • iPod to TV issue SOLVED!!!!
      2006-11-20 13:39:24  EILEENA [View]


      Not for me, I have connected the A/V Apple connectors as you said and did the video settings according to what you recommended.

      I have sound, however my video is just black and white lines going up and down my RCA TV screen. I do not have the iPOD in anything just by itself....The TV is brand new like 2 days old. I have used the docking station and used the line out, still the same result as using the earphone plug. Everything is fully inserted and still just black and white lines for the video

      Thanks for your help