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  Printing Directory Listings
Subject:   KB 321379 article URL
Date:   2006-10-01 14:13:31
From:   talensc
Response to: KB 321379 article URL

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  • KB 321379 article URL
    2007-03-28 17:58:08  JeanW [View]

    I tried this little printdir batch program too. Now all of my folders open with ACDSee, which is a graphics viewing program. The KB321379 article is clear enough, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

    There is no "MODIFY" button in the EDIT menu where they say to change it. I thought maybe it was a permissions problem, but I have full permissions.

    It also says, in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell, in the Value data box, type none. Well there is no Value data box.

    So how am I going to get back to normal folder opening? This is a severe problem for me, as I'm constantly opening folders.

    • KB 321379 article URL
      2007-05-13 09:12:01  Doug_Sparks [View]

      I had a similar problem, but mine opened a new "Search" when I double clicked on any file folder icon. Once inside a folder, I went to "File types" tab, then highlighted "File Folder", and clicked "Advanced" button. "Open" was not in the list, so I clicked the "New" button; For "Action", I typed "Open", and for application to use for action I browsed to "Explorer.exe". I then set that action as the "Default" action, and voila! File Folders now open in Windows Explorer when double-clicked! :)
    • KB 321379 article URL
      2007-04-23 09:23:32  Help4Jean [View]

      Jean, see this site:


      Found by Dell Tech support who Googled "double click search."

      I then went to AllPrograms>Run, entered

      regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

      then got a dialog box that only let me click "OK", and problem is solved. Double-click once again opens folder, directory print function is still working.

      Thanks to Dell tech support in Edmonton, Alberta.

      Good luck.