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  10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   a bunch of amateur ideas...
Date:   2002-08-05 08:20:29
From:   morbid
There are many more important areas than need fixing before "all property files become XML" etc:

- clone() needs to work with inner classes;
- clone() needs to work with final fields;
- clone() needs to be a public method of Clonable;
- the language needs built-in typesafe enum support;
- the language needs support for generic types (List<int>));
- it should be decided once and for all whether final fields could be changed via reflection or not;
- Externalizable should work with final fields;
- it should be decided once and for all whether the current or the thread context classloader is used for implicit dynamic resource loading;
- java.net.URL API needs cleaning up;
- custom URL schemes need better support;

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  • a bunch of amateur ideas...
    2002-08-12 11:16:43  jacyg [View]

    mostly good, but clone() should not be a public method. See http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/bugParade/bugs/4673424.html
    for a better solution. The reason clone() should not be public is that it you may not *want* to externally expose the ability to clone an object, and having a clone() that is protected allows you to accomplish this. My proposed solution still gives this ability when truly wanted, without sacrificing the ability to keep clone() restricted.
  • more...
    2002-08-05 08:28:33  morbid [View]

    - .class custom attributes should be accessible programmatically, via ClassLoader API;
    - covariant return types should be supported;
    - the language should support a proper notion of const-correctness;