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  10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Numero Uno: Add multilanguage support for JVM
Date:   2002-08-04 21:20:13
From:   oreallyy
There is no reason the JVM cannot support almost all programming languages (like Ada, Eiffel, ML, etc.) Sun needs to add "a few new bytecode instructions for the VM spec." It's easy to do so do it.
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  • Numero Uno: Add multilanguage support for JVM
    2002-08-06 19:21:49  problem1 [View]

    Just as a point of interest, in 1998 Borland (then just renamed Inprise) showed a compiler for their Delphi (Object Pascal) product which targeted Java Byte Code rather than x86 native code. It didn't handle GUI work at all and did have other limitations that caused the folks at Borland to regret showing it to the public at all. Here's a link that briefly mentions the compiler as shown at Borcon '98:


    Personally, I'd prefer the effort be put into cleaning up Java rather than worrying about how to make the JVM accommodate many different languages.
  • Numero Uno: Add multilanguage support for JVM
    2002-08-05 10:01:14  pmorelli [View]

    Here's 160...