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  Miglia TVMicro and EyeTV: Easy TV on Your Mac
Subject:   how does this compare between the eyetv hybrid?
Date:   2006-09-13 10:52:24
From:   superg
I'm trying to find out a comparison between the Miglia TVMicro and the EyeTV Hybrid. I'm not sure what "digital terrestrial TV" is... that doesn't mean it's HD, right?

Basically, I guess my question is, what do you get for $50 more for the Hybrid?

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  • how does this compare between the eyetv hybrid?
    2006-09-25 11:42:16  vmarks [View]

    The Hybrid and the TVMicro both do analog NTSC for over the air and cable tv the same.

    The Hybrid adds the ability to tune HDTV broadcasts over the air, but cannot tune HDTV over digital cable. That is, your local NBC,ABC,CBS,FOX,CW(WB), PBS affiliates are broadcasting in HD and the Hybrid will receive them under ideal conditions.

    The TVMicro is an analog tuner and cannot do HDTV under any circumstances.
  • Matthew Russell photo how does this compare between the eyetv hybrid?
    2006-09-13 16:19:28  Matthew Russell | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Here's what Wikipedia says about digital terrestrial tv:


    Then, from Elgato's website, there's this bullet:

    Watch analog as well as digital TV on your Mac.

    ...so I'm assuming that's what you get for your extra $50 (which is also a 50% price increase.) Not a bad deal if you prefer paying out the extra bucks for digital tv. What I really like about analog tv is that (at least in metro areas) you can get quite a few of the major network channels for free, which keeps you covered for many of the current hit shows, football games, the Olympics, etc.