Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   The top ten.
Date:   2002-08-03 17:36:28
From:   mmurray
I've got my 10.2 on order and I'll be at the shop as soon as its open. But thats because I like having the latest thing. If I was making a more rational assessment of the top ten it would be:

Ten Superb Jaguar Features


Fast Finder: Yes, there will be spring-loaded folders (who says Apple doesn't listen ;) ), but the real news is that the Jaguar Finder has been rewritten, and it's sweet.

*** This would justify it alone for me - but my works pays the fee for the new system so its not so hard to buy it.

2. This is probably the real reason that Microsoft is ticked off; in Jaguar is better than Entourage. It's more stable, has much better junk mail filters, and it integrates with Apple's online services.

** I use Eudora. This does nothing for me.


Rendezvous: Apple's branding for Zero Configuration Networking is the most exciting networking thing I've seen since AirPort.

** I thought this would do nothing until other hardware adapted. Its a great idea I have missed being able to plug into an appletalk network and join the internet. Our local IT people will hate it as it will mean a loss of control.

Integration of FreeBSD 4.4 and GCC 3.1 into Darwin: This is real Unix, and it just got better with Jaguar.

** I guess this is good.

Common UNIX Print System (CUPS) for print sharing: Uses Internet Printing Protocol to manage print jobs and queues, but supports other protocols too, including SMB.

** Ditto


Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP): Apple wrote their own PPTP implementation that includes IPsec. Macs can now easily access secure Windows servers. And it's built right in the OS.

** Won't use it.


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 3.0 (LDAP): Jaguar includes LDAP 3.0, which is an upgrade from 10.1's LDAP 2.0

** Doesn't excite me.

Quartz Extreme: Uses OpenGL to improve graphic performance. If you have a new Mac, it really improves performance.

** Doesn't run on my Powerbook G$ 400 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Address Book: Becomes your core database for contact management that can be used throughout Jaguar and by any Jaguar-savvy application. At last, one address database that works with all of your applications.

** I use Personal Organiser.

QuickTime 6: Incorporates Mpeg 4 and AAC audio for state-of-the-art multimedia. Have you seen the Mpeg 4 demo?

** I have already downloaded QT 6 and watched the
KeyNote with it.


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