Email Protocols: Where Do We Go Now?
Subject:   "If a new system was created..."
Date:   2006-08-30 13:33:45
From:   paulwaite
> "If a new system was created, that was free of Spam and phishing"

Right. Yeah. Just like phones. No spam or phishing on them. Well, except I got cold-called yesterday, and you can convince people to give out information just as easily on the phone.

Spam and phishing are not problems caused by technological flaws, they're caused by human nature.

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  • "If a new system was created..."
    2006-09-01 14:34:38  Bradley2J [View]

    So which is easier to change? Technology or human nature?
  • "If a new system was created..."
    2006-09-01 14:41:29  Bradley2J [View]

    Any system will suffer from some abuse. We can make the abuse harder to carry out. Do you get 10-12 cold calls on your phone every day? Do you even get 10-12 items of junk snail mail every day? I think lots of people get 10-12 or far more Spam messages every day. No system will be perfect but the one we have now is wide open.