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  Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Responding to the Criticism
Date:   2002-08-03 01:06:03
From:   derrick
I'm getting a fair amount of email in addition to the TalkBacks, and I'd like to address some of the themes expressed in those notes.

1. Do you really think Apple is ripping us off by charging for 10.2? I paid for my first copy of OS X more than a year ago. 10.1 was a free upgrade. Apple is spending lots of money to bring this operating system along as quickly as possible. I don't like the upgrade costs either. But, for example, I see how much it costs to do business here at O'Reilly, and I understand how hard it is to balance the books. I think Apple is trying to do just that.

2. If Apple's OS X customer base were larger, then they wouldn't have to charge as much for upgrades. This is a standard problem in technology. Until you have a critical mass, the early adopters have to pay more. This is a central point I'm trying to make when advocating for the switch to Mac OS X. Let's get that customer base large enough so we can all save.

3. Jaguar is a major upgrade. Don't let the naysayers fool you. Apple has taken a major step forward with this version, and it reflects the tremendous amount of work they've invested in it. True, it would be nice if it were a free upgrade, but the customer numbers just aren't there yet. I'm suspicious of people who claim to have used Jaguar and say it is not major. As I understand it, a beta version of 10.2 was released under NDA at WWDC. That's where I got mine. A few other Apple developers have it too. Most of the negative Jag comments in these threads don't seem to be from developers. Where are these people getting 10.2?

4. We will only be held hostage by Quark if we let ourselves. I understand that entire OS 9 publishing systems are centered around Quark. They will have to stay in place for some time I imagine. But there are great options out there, including InDesign. And setting up a OS X workstation or two with InDesign to test its viability is a reasonable business move.

5. I'm astonished at the lack of creativity expressed in some of the comments. The Mac community is facing a true challenge and a difficult time. This is a community that is reputed for being smarter and more creative than the Windows world. If that's true, why doesn't more of that ingenuity creep into these types of discussions?

6. Once again, I'm not proposing that you destruct your entire workflow and switch to Mac OS X. I'm proposing that you look at where you can begin to incorporate it into your computing life so that it can grow and evolve by us nurturing it along.

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  • Responding to the Criticism
    2002-08-06 12:05:44  clvrmnky [View]

    From what I can tell from the various opinions I've surveyed, the majority of users do not balk at paying *something* for Jaguar. If I had paid for OS X 10.1 a year ago, you'd get no complaints from me.

    I work in the enterprise software industry. If we demanded *any* kind of upgrade cost from a customer who had moved from a competing product within the first year, they would draw and quarter us. We wouldn't be able to hire Tech Support people fast enough to keep up with the body count.

    There is an unwritten rule in software business that suggests that new customers get special treatment. I was a bit surprised Apple wanted anything for 10.2 from me, and that somehow those useless "coupons" would be used.

    That being said, I am willing (and eager! Quartz Extreme! Woo-hoo!) to pay something, but I would have expected some kind of discount.

    The fact is I bought it, and a new G4 system, not more than 4 months ago. No discount. No "thanks for switching". No nothing. Oh yes, and your "free" iTools account is now $100. Thanks for switching.

    Additionally, Apple sells product world-wide. Not all the same price advantages are available to other nations. This means that the cost of Jaguar is $199 in Canada, with no education discount (that I can find). Well, at least $199 is less than $129US converted to Canadian dollars (today). Good luck getting Amazon, et al, to honour rebates from any other country than the US.

    So, basically, I have one choice: full price from Apple.

    As I said to Apple: "come on guys, throw me a bone here".

    All that Apple is going to do is create bad feeling, and punish the honest for paying full price. A number of people who are usually honest will just find ways to create their own discounts for Jaguar.