Ant 1.7: Using Antlibs
Subject:   So Where Is It?
Date:   2006-08-14 06:57:02
From:   JohnCWalker
Response to: So Where Is It?

I NEVER criticized the "people" who put in the hard work on this product, nor on Kev's individual contribution, nor of the vast community of open-source developers.

Rather, I criticized the activity of hyping a vaporware product.

If it was publicly available for the readers of the article, then please provide a link, which you failed to do despite claiming that it was available on the 29th.

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  • So Where Is It?
    2006-08-14 22:16:00  foamdino [View]

    Sorry, I read the message as inflammatory if the intention wasn't to criticize I apologize.

    For the release - a simple google search revealed this message (note 27th July). This code is a release candidate, *not* a final release, and it's currently in testing, so 'beware dragons', caveat emptor etc. :)

    Hope that this clears up the problem of trying out the code in the article, and deflates the 'hype' somewhat. Thanks.