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  Ant 1.7: Using Antlibs
Subject:   So Where Is It?
Date:   2006-08-10 17:58:55
From:   foamdino
Response to: So Where Is It?

I'm sorry that you feel like this, but two quick points:

  • It's mentioned in the article that this works withe the current version (1.6.5) of Ant
  • People work on open source software without being paid and in their free time, being critical of the people that work on this software because a release slipped a month (btw the first beta was released on the 29th) is showing great appreciation of their hard work - perhaps you should only use software that you bought since you don't appreciate free software
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  • So Where Is It?
    2006-08-14 06:57:02  JohnCWalker [View]

    I NEVER criticized the "people" who put in the hard work on this product, nor on Kev's individual contribution, nor of the vast community of open-source developers.

    Rather, I criticized the activity of hyping a vaporware product.

    If it was publicly available for the readers of the article, then please provide a link, which you failed to do despite claiming that it was available on the 29th.