Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   It's not the upgrade it's the price
Date:   2002-08-02 08:49:09
From:   ellem
Nothing in 10.2 is particularly new. Much of it IS better, but they are things that are not worth 129.00USD.

This IS NOT A NEW OS. This is a patch to an existing OS. This is NOT 9 --> X.

Now some months back when I pre-Ordered 10.0 I got a slow, buggy and software free OS.

Then came 10.1.2 -- give me 20USD Apple said. Fine, none of the CompUSAs in NY/NJ seemed to have any of the "Free" copies around anyway.

Now they are finally fixing Finder and they want me to pay for a whole new OS.

Screw that. My won't Apple be surprised when their precious OS is being trading across the internet faster than a new Britney Spears song.

They need an upgrade price. They found one with iTools, I suggest they find one quickly with X.

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  • It's not the upgrade it's the price
    2002-08-02 16:48:25  Michael Brewer | [View]

    Apple's "full price" is about the same as Microsoft's "upgrade price." Would you be happier if Apple charged $300 for OS X and offered it to you at a discounted $129?

    OS X is not simply a service release, there are many, many new features in it. It's worth it!
  • It's not the upgrade it's the price
    2002-08-02 15:29:35  arin1 [View]

    If you don't think it's worth it... Don't buy it...

    As for me if I can spend $129 and have my machine double in speed I'd rather do that, and PAY APPLE than shell out $500+ for a CPU upgrade.

    Are you saying that the programmers that have been busting their #sses to improve YOUR OS don't deserve to get paid?

    Ask a window's user if they got their free upgrade from Microsoft for Win2k, or WinXP...

    If we don't unite and support Apple, we could end up in line for Windows ZZ before too long...

    Unless you want to save your pennies and wrestle X11 with linux... but that would seem to be more of a stretch for most os9 users than X is...