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  Ant 1.7: Using Antlibs
Subject:   So Where Is It?
Date:   2006-08-10 06:31:23
From:   JohnCWalker
The message boards state that beta1 for ant 1.7 should be packaged on the 31st but where is it?

I'm tired of the hype of vaporware. Show me the cool new features once the product is actually available for me to use.

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  • So Where Is It?
    2006-08-10 17:58:55  foamdino [View]

    I'm sorry that you feel like this, but two quick points:

    • It's mentioned in the article that this works withe the current version (1.6.5) of Ant
    • People work on open source software without being paid and in their free time, being critical of the people that work on this software because a release slipped a month (btw the first beta was released on the 29th) is showing great appreciation of their hard work - perhaps you should only use software that you bought since you don't appreciate free software