Demystifying LDAP
Subject:   Why Active Directory?
Date:   2006-07-31 10:26:16
From:   javadevdc
Response to: Ldap or Database (users, roles, etc)

One thing I'm curious about too is the use of Microsoft Active Directory. I work mostly in open source & Java shops and yet a lot of these environments use Active Directory. When I inquire about it the response is usually Active Directory is a lot easier than OpenLdap.
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  • Brian K. Jones photo Why Active Directory?
    2006-07-31 10:35:11  Brian K. Jones | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Hi again!

    Active Directory *is* easier to set up than OpenLDAP, but if that's the only reason for using AD over OpenLDAP, then the decision-making process needs work, IMHO ;-)

    AD is different from just about every other LDAP implementation in existence, so when I say "LDAP", I'm careful to separate that from anything having to do with AD, because it's different (surprise!).

    There's no reason you can't develop against AD, though - it's just another (non-standard, ms-specific) schema is all. BTW - you can send queries to AD (or any ldap server) using IE (if you like that kind of thing). This is one plugin I can't find for firefox/mozilla, which is ironic since the same company gave birth to the code that later became Sun ONE Directory server, Netscape Server, and now Fedora Directory server.

    Oh yeah, I also forgot to copy in the link to the Java LDAP browser in my last post -->