What Is OpenDocument
Subject:   from the iso site
Date:   2006-07-30 22:59:36
From:   aard

ISO/IEC DIS 26300 Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0
Status: Under development
Current stage: 40.99
Stage date: 2006-05-15
This implies it has not been fully ratified.
Furthermore, once it is an ISO standard will it still be compliant to the criteria for openness?
No public access to the specification, no free involvement of the public to further development!

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  • from the iso site
    2006-08-21 13:31:44  aquatarian [View]

    I don't understand your complaint, the standard is fully and freely downloadable by anyone with a web browser!
  • Sam Hiser photo from the iso site
    2006-07-31 16:34:23  Sam Hiser | O'Reilly Author [View]


    You're full of bull cookies.

    ODF is a ratified ISO standard which is always under development. The ISO cognoscenti will tell you additional voting is a formality.

    Criteria of openness are established by public tolerance or intolerance to bloody gamesmanship by the Monopolist. And they are enforced by the home consortium of the standard.

    Your self-serving & rhetorical question would be puzzling if it were relevant.