ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Where the heck is part 3
Date:   2002-08-01 15:53:34
From:   vansas
Response to: Where the heck is part 3

I agree!!!! There are many of us out here who just want to know how to install CF on OSX. Haven't you strung us along enough already? I think it's ludicrous you've had the info all along and have taken this long to post it - is it really worth it to get a couple of extra hits from those of us who have to come back every day just to see if you've posted the final article?
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  • Where the heck is part 3
    2002-08-02 08:07:28  sargon42 [View]

    Don't be so rude, guys. :) I'm also waiting _eagerly_ to see the 3rd article and check this site at least once a day. But it doesn't cost a lot to do that.. and the author maybe also has a real life. ;)

    What I'm wondering: Is it completely legal to try make CFMX run under OSX? I guess it's less of a problem if you have a site license, but what if you only have a license for one machine?

    Also, having a license for platform X doesn't necessarily mean you could exchange this license for a license on platform Y. (sometimes (often?) the prize is platform-dependant)

    I guess what I'm wondering is: What does MM say to this? Anyone asked them?

    • Where the heck is part 3
      2002-08-04 05:25:13  dicklacara [View]

      First, Part 3 is being edited by O'Reilly people, and should be published here, soon.

      Second, there were several unrelated factors (to the content) that caused the delay. Some were personal, others were technical, and it serves no purpose to discuss them here.

      Third, yes I do have a life!

      I don't think you are violating any license agreements by porting CFMX to Mac OS X.

      If you (or I) were to distribute the port to others we would be violating the license agreement.

      Remember, we are talking about a free Developer version.*

      I suppose you could buy a full operational version and port that to OS X -- but it would be unsupported.

      I would not host a web site with an unsupported, proprietary product.

      There are several people inside MacroMedia who run the port to Mac OS X (No, there is no in-house port, they got it from me). This includes Sean Corfield, Director of Architecture.

      Others, like Jesse Noller, Macromedia's Unix/Linux "special guy", provided guidance and assistance with the port on their own time. This, during beta, and the intense activity of a major product release.

      I have been contacted by some MacroMedia people who are watching this series of articles with interest.

      Others, in marketing, have wondered if the Pet Market Blueprint application runs on Mac OS X -- it does. Pet Market showcases CFMX and Flash MX using a shopping cart and catalog for a hypothetical pet store.

      Christian Cantrell gave a presentation on Flash Remoting to the Flash Forward organization. It was developed, and presented entirely on a Mac TiBook. Christian is co-authoring a book, for O'Reilly, on Flash Remoting (along with Mike Chambers of Macromedia).

      So, there are knowledgeable and influential people running (or paying attention to) the port.

      The only official stance I have heard from MacroMedia is that they do not have a CFMX product for Mac OS X at this time.

      Of course, any problems with the port, cannot and will not be supported by MacroMedia.


      * The Trial version that you download is a full-featured Enterprise edition of CFMX. It has a 30-day timer. After 30 days it will change to a Developer version. The Developer version differs, in that you can only access pages from localhost (your loopback connection) and 1 external IP (so you can test from a single external machine). The external IP address is limited to the first one that accesses CFMX (after a restart).

      MacroMedia's release of the "Developer" version had fantastic acceptance in the CF Developer community. It really was a breakthrough -- and makes quite a statement about MacroMedia's support for CF developers.
      • Where the heck is part 3 - Thanks
        2002-08-05 07:50:51  nicko5 [View]


        Thanks for the update! I think this is amongst the most interesting set of articles in macdev. Keep up the good work.

        - Nick
      • Where the heck is part 3
        2002-08-06 03:26:46  lolajl [View]

        Thanks for your explanation. Hopefully, as OS X is adopted more and more on a large scale, us developers will try out your methods and put in request to Macromedia for a OS X version. I look forward very much to trying this out.