Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   I agree 110%
Date:   2002-08-01 14:28:28
From:   gaeldesign
Great article Derrick! I'm a "PC switcher" from back in April 2001, and I just can't understand why the Mac community isn't jumping on OS X like it's a pot of gold. OS X is the ONLY reason I started looking into getting a Mac. Now I love the hardware like anything, but OS X was the initial selling point for me. OS X is clean, modern, robust, and built for the future. OS 9 is dead. Why anyone is still using it for any reasons other than pure compatibility issues is beyond me. If my software and peripherals all worked in OS X (and they do), then I'd never use OS 9.

Go Apple! Jaguar is going to be an unbelievable release from what I've heard, so a good PowerMac speed bump is all that I need for me to say that PCs are a rotten value in every way.


Jared White
President and Art Director of GaelDesign

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  • I agree 110%
    2002-08-02 17:18:07  dadegroot [View]

    I too switched from PC to Mac because of OS X and yes, it is a wonderful OS. I was/still am into things like Linux and BSDs on PCs but OS X does what Linux has been trying to do for years - bring Unix to the Desktop.

    My only beef is with slow peripheral vendor support. I'm still waiting for HP to release OS X drivers for my USB ScanJet 5400C, and it's mildly annoying that my Cannon PowerShot A5 Zoom doesn't work with the KeySpan adapter I bought (not that I bought it for that purpose, I use my iBook to connect to routers and firewall console ports and the like).

    But yes, I can't see why anyone would *want* to run OS9 anymore if they can run OSX.