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  What Is Geronimo?
Subject:   I know this is trolling, but...
Date:   2006-07-28 05:01:36
From:   James_Cooper
Response to: I know this is trolling, but...

With Java EE 5, you don't need deployment descriptors for simple web applications. DD's are optional. But, I can't imagine a web application without a deployment plan. Most of the XML related stuff is done using Java language annotations. Annotations are a part of AOP and help in generating the boilerplate code which is tredious to write.

With regard to this article, I think it's very apt to clearly mention the app specific (Geronimo in this case) deployment plan.

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  • I know this is trolling, but...
    2006-07-28 07:45:17  marlow4 [View]

    Indeed, Java EE 5 is a huge improvement... and Geronimo doesn't support it yet. Glassfish (which is fully compliant) or JBoss (which technically isn't EE 5 yet, but it supports Java 5 syntax, JSF, and EJB3, which are the important bits) are way slicker open source options than Geronimo.

    I agree that it's silly to criticise a technical article for technical details--Geronimo is not exactly competing with Blogger.com!