10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Interesting
Date:   2002-08-01 05:51:21
From:   bungle
> Java must not be forever handicapped by mistakes made seven years ago in Java 1.0.

This reminds me a lot what Microsoft did to Visual Basic, JScript etc. to incorporate them in .NET platform.

I agree with Elliotte, and I think that the changes should be made to next major release (3.0). If they are not made, the problems will follow forever.

Good article, thanks!

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    2005-01-28 06:25:59  gast_arg [View]

    Primitive types ? and what about PERFORMANCE ???? everything will be harder to do to the VM...
    it seems that you like to program in VB and not in C / C++, the types now have a fix number of bytes in memory