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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Where the heck is part 3
Date:   2002-07-31 11:59:18
From:   punkish
Its been almost 4 weeks since part 2 came out (god knows how many years since part 1 came out). Just tell me already how to install CF on MacOS X. The rest of the background I already know, and if I didn't, have had enough time to digest it.


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  • Where the heck is part 3
    2002-08-01 15:53:34  vansas [View]

    I agree!!!! There are many of us out here who just want to know how to install CF on OSX. Haven't you strung us along enough already? I think it's ludicrous you've had the info all along and have taken this long to post it - is it really worth it to get a couple of extra hits from those of us who have to come back every day just to see if you've posted the final article?