Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop
Subject:   got an error
Date:   2006-07-12 11:02:05
From:   octathlon
Response to: got an error

<<Even on your Windows drive, I think you'll find that GRUB is installed in a directory named /boot.>>

My Windows drive (hda1) is an ntfs partition. I'm not at that computer to check right now, but I hope you aren't saying that the Ubuntu install created a directory and wrote files to that partition? If so, I guess I know even less than I thought about how linux installs work. That sounds really dangerous.

<<So, when you select Ubuntu from your start-up GRUB menu, it's going and loading GRUB from your slave drive, and giving you options that include your Ubuntu system and also Windows, right?>>

That's what I believe it's doing. I thought grub's menu.lst itself was read from the slave drive (in /boot) each time, but it sounds like you are saying the slave drive wouldn't have to be present for the grub menu to function.. I have some reading to do. Thanks for your help. As long as I know that if one drive fails or is removed, I can still boot the OS from the other, I'm happy.

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  • got an error
    2006-07-12 14:59:46  Kevin Farnham | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    oops! my mistake. Too much Linux on my mind at the moment. You don't "know even less than [you] thought about how linux installs work." But, I consider installs dangerous in any case, nonetheless. I don't know exactly how GRUB is set up on your system, but some of what I said in the last note is not correct. Apologies!

    You have a working dual-boot Ubuntu/Windows system, which was goal #1, so I'm very happy about that!