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  Connect the Video iPod to TV
Subject:   playing ipod video onto your tv
Date:   2006-06-30 03:35:04
From:   calumo
i hvae got the cables to play the ipod onto my tv and it is working fine but the quality of the vidoe on my tv is not that good. i dont know that i have to convert the video too because right now im converting it to "MPEG-4/320x240/768kbps Stereo/128kbps" with "Videora Ipod Converter" but the quality of the video on my TV is not good. Please if anyone knows that i am doing wrong then can u explain to me how to fix it, thanx!
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  • playing ipod video onto your tv
    2006-12-27 07:57:21  samgristedes [View]

    once you connect your av cable red yellow and white ,just go to your IPOD video settings, and you all set very simmple and easy
    • playing ipod video onto your tv
      2008-01-10 10:12:35  toxicprof [View]

      But what if it just doesn't? I have followed all of the steps above and get only audio hum. I have tried content downloaded direct from iTunes, content that I had converted to mpeg4, etc. I get nothing. I am plugging the ipod into AV jacks on an HD tv. Does that have any bearing?

      Thanks in advance.