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Subject:   Internet Sharing with Windows computers
Date:   2006-06-19 15:01:16
From:   beckon
I have successfully managed to connect to internet from Windows PC via Mac. However, it's very troublesome and stops working for no apparent reason. I have been able to fix it once by shutting down all computers for 5 minutes. But now it's not working again. Computers see each other, but the Windows PC cannot use Internet. Windows ICS is much more stable (unlike the rest of Windows :). Apple take note!
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  • Internet Sharing with Windows computers
    2006-11-19 15:30:49  boyce444 [View]

    sorry, thats the question I want answered, too.
  • Internet Sharing with Windows computers
    2006-09-09 16:40:29  jfor [View]

    I had a software conflict and took my toshiba labtop in for fixing. Ever since I got it back I can not connect to the internet via wireless connection using my MAC with OS X as the computer connected to comcast line. The labtop is getting a good strong signal from the MAC showing the wireless is communicating. What are the correct settings to get me back online? I don't trust the wizard for doing this anymore.