Bringing Ruby on Rails with FastCGI into Mac OS X Server
Subject:   Dynamic FCGI
Date:   2006-06-17 06:55:06
From:   JonathanWaddilove
This was a great help in tracking down my problem! My environment is OS X 10.4.6 with Apache 1.3.

I am trying to get multiple Rails applications running under FCGI. I have elected (for now) to use Dynamic FCGI. I was getting "Permission denied: FastCGI: can't create (dynamic) server "/Users/Jonathan/Development/LocoProjects/Wine/public/dispatch.fcgi": bind() failed [/tmp/fcgi_ipc/dynamic/d29d7200146ea5e733d8dea665329310]"

It turns out that I also needed to change the permissions for the dynamic directory as well with:

chmod 777 /tmp/fcgi_ipc/dynamic

Hope this helps someone else.

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  • Dynamic FCGI
    2006-12-10 06:29:34  BuildSmart [View]

    /tmp/ is a temporary directory and upon restart it's contents is flushed so do you think that placing your fcgi cache in this location is wise?

    if I'm not mistaken, you could get away with just /tmp since the dynamic will be autocreated when it starts and will have the correct permissions.