Natural Language Game Programming with Inform 7
Subject:   I'd kill for this
Date:   2006-06-13 10:34:14
From:   liza_daly
Response to: I'd kill for this

I understand as I run Linux too. The Mac and Windows clients are both volunteer projects and so too must be the Linux port. So there's a good opportunity for any aspiring IDE authors.

My understanding is that wine can work. There is a very preliminary project to port the IDE using Haskell ( although wine is still required to run the Inform compiler itself.

The best place to get up-to-date information on I7 is to visit Right now everything is moving so far there aren't web pages to keep up.

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  • I'd kill for this
    2006-06-13 15:59:24  klemmerj [View]

    I wish I had the resources to take on the project of a Linux IDE. I'll have to hope for the best with wine. Thanks for the tip on, though.