Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application
Subject:   How I Convert Html file to PDF file
Date:   2006-06-08 22:16:33
From:   singla
I wants to convert html file to pdf file when I gives the path of html file.
I am using iText library for pdf content.But I wants that when I give a path of html file on my application and press a button then convert this html file to pdf file and save this on machine.

I have searched on Google but i have not got any solution regarding this problem.I have got many PDf Convert Printer,But these does not solve my problem.

Please Help me to solve this problem.Its very urgently.

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  • How I Convert Html file to PDF file
    2006-09-17 22:47:17  SwapnilDeshmukh [View]

    i have some problem to create the pdf.i used tomcat server, and JSP, to create it. i want pdf file on submit button. as soon as i click submit button i want to create it, if i want to save it then i will save othervise i will go forward. The pdf contains dynamic values as well as table. Please help me to do it.
    • How I Convert Html file to PDF file
      2007-01-24 23:03:32  yuvraj.kokitkar [View]

      its long time now but if till you are intersted
      you can do it by using iText or OpenOffice
      create an application using jar files provided
      by those,
      but i think openoffice will be the better option because itext reqires XHTML and has formatting problems

  • How I Convert Html file to PDF file
    2006-08-02 07:30:56  maddirala [View]

    • How I Convert Html file to PDF file
      2006-12-11 04:34:36  coolshee [View]

      What i want is that my html file should be converted to pdf file means that html data should be displayed in pdf form...For this i have converted my html file to xhtml.And then from xhtml to xsl-fo document.Then i converted this fo document to pdf file.The problem which i am facing is that it creates a blank pdf file means no data is displayed in pdf file..Could u plz tell me why it is so
    • How I Convert Html file to PDF file
      2006-11-28 22:39:10  sunilgct [View]