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  Creating an FTP Client in .NET
Subject:   error while transferring Excel file
Date:   2006-06-08 01:10:55
From:   AlexanderTheGreat2
There is an error , if i try to transfer Excel file through FTP. It converts simple Excel file where there are only character fields, but not able to convert multi type of fields.
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  • error while transferring Excel file
    2006-06-23 06:54:01  flyvansaircraft [View]

    I too have encountered this issue. It is a common problem with the MS socket (such that they don't provide a parameter for file types). The way I worked around this is to be sure you are in Binary mode e.g. this.BinaryMode = true; before calling the SendCommand or reader/writer functions. Same for downloading. Beyond that, I had no other problem.