Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Linux is much more useable...
Date:   2006-06-02 10:26:10
I have trouble taking "usability" seriously from the majority of OSX (or Windows) users I've ever known.

Their desktops are usually collections of warezd copies of Office, Photoshop and unpaid for shareware.

Is it usable when you "have" to steal the software to make it work?

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  • Linux is much more useable...
    2006-06-04 20:55:17  sjk [View]

    I bet if Photoshop, Office, and other popular commercial software were available for Linux you'd find about the same percentage of pirated copies on Linux user's systems as on the others. Were you implying Linux users have moral standards about software pirating?

    My OS X systems are plenty usable without any stolen software. I don't need Photoshop and am quite satisfied using Elements, which I purchased. If I couldn't afford that I'd use something else, maybe Gimp if it came to that.

    If you intended to make a point I'm not sure what it is.