Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   also, forgot
Date:   2006-06-02 10:19:24
From:   msporleder
Response to: also, forgot

To uninstall an app, you just drag it to the trash. Why is that difficult? Is it really easier to "find" the files on the filesystem and rm them?

If you're talking about a registered pkg, then (I admit this isn't easy, but I'm sure the author knows enough perl to automate it) just lsbom|rm. I've done it before without any problems. (look in /Library/Receipts/)

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  • also, forgot
    2006-06-04 07:19:05  dnasthegreat [View]

    find files and rm them? I somehow doubt you've ever used a moderately recent Linux distribution. emerge -C package or apt-get remove package or whatever the command for rpm-based distros is. Plus there are graphical versions of those tools for the point-and-click croud.
  • also, forgot
    2006-06-02 12:00:20  axle [View]

    Well, there are certain times when dragging the app to the trash doesn't cleanup everything, right?
    An example:

    My cisco vpn install (a GUI installer for an Aqua based app) wrote stuff into /System/Library/Startup Items
    and into

    If I just drag my cisco vpn software application to the trash, does that stuff get cleaned up too?

    That said, I'm still a huge fan of the Mac.
    I will not return to Linux or Windows for my day to day desktop computing. I find myself more productive on a mac. To each his own...