Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Just a few points
Date:   2006-06-02 08:58:16
From:   germ65
You ARE stubborn. It's clear Linux is better for you. You represent perhaps 0.01% of all computer users.
Others have already rebutted some of your statements, but let me add a couple:
1. I absolutely HATE X11. I refuse to use ANY software that has an X11 interface. X11 is an absolute aberration.

2. You say you may never use GarageBand. I thought so, too. Then I saw how GarageBand can take an audio file and add pictures to it. That's perfect for a narrated presentation. And you have instant playback on iPods. Now I know I NEED GarageBand.

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  • Just a few points
    2006-06-02 10:19:35  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I don't know about 0.01% of all computer users (certainly not desktop users), but I am comfortable acknowledging myself as a small market segment.

    I do find it frustrating when some people claim that there shouldn't be operating systems or working environments for people like me, or that a single way of working (usually the default Aqua interface) is clearly and scientifically the best operating environment invented so far.
    • Just a few points
      2006-06-05 17:23:30  yogimind [View]

      1/10,000 - that's probably about right man . . . strace, gdb - not saying your criticisms aren't valid for your work style but how many folks do you think actually know of things like that? Developers on linux for sure, but what number do you think is realistic? I'd go with you as an extremely small market segment here :P
  • Just a few points
    2006-06-05 02:59:09  newuser007 [View]

    I agree with the author, perhaps except of strace, for which ktrace is a solid alternative. I do think he has a point. I miss focus follows mouse. I miss _real_ X11.

    I still haven't switched back, for several reasons:
    - I absolutely depend on external monitor. support is not as nice as on os x. You plug monitor in the port. System detects it and expands your desktop (according to remembered configuration). You disconnect it, all your applications are instantly moved back.

    I travel a lot, I come to my office, connect, work with display, then I go to visit client, I disconnect monitor while working and when I come back, I connect it again.

    There was also some problem with Wifi card having no real driver alternative for Linux. This is over. I have ordered new Macbook Pro, I hope I can make linux work on it easily...