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  Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Switching back to Linux...
Date:   2006-06-01 15:01:38
From:   chromatic
Response to: Switching back to Linux...

I used all of those. The console version of Vim was quite nice. Unfortunately, Apple's X11 implementation made AbiWord and especially OpenOffice.org nearly unusable.

I don't care if my widget sets don't all match perfectly, but when the fonts are as bad as they were in OO.o, it wasn't worth using.

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  • Switching back to Linux...
    2006-06-05 08:27:37  fak3r.com [View]

    And will all the complaints of Linux widgets not matching I find it very irritating that OS X has UIs that vary from the one Finder uses, to iTunes, to Safari, etc...why don't they just standardize on the iTunes 'skin' and get rid of the horrid 'brushed' (read; brused) metal skin? Where is their consistancy? Don't get me started on all the 3rd party apps that break all the appl UI rules; give me Ubuntu's all in one Dapper look for the most consistant looking OS out there.