Configuration Management in Java EE Applications Using Subversion
Subject:   Good idea but ...
Date:   2006-05-31 01:03:49
From:   paulbrowne
Congratulations , a very good article , and should make people evaluate their options for document / configuration management.

My only concern is that you then end up with a 'non-standard' datastore. 99% of datastores in use either Oracle , MySql or Sql-Server (Microsoft of Sybase). While this may be a good solution for now, will the client be able to get people to maintain the solution if / when you leave the project?

Yes , I am aware that if you extend this argument there would be no innovation at all (always use existing solutions). But it is worth evaluating and making a decision on the full cost over the lifetime of the system.

Paul , Technology in Plain English (

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  • Good idea but ...
    2008-07-29 16:39:29  Andrew Swan [View]

    Relax Paul, lots of people use Subversion for their version control system. There's no more risk in using JavaSVN or SVN itself than there is in using other common open source projects like Spring and Hibernate.