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  What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Upgrade to Web 2.1
Date:   2006-05-26 10:25:52
From:   jeremy4321
I hope to upgrade to web 2.1 so that I don't get sued for trademark violations.

I am referring to O'Reilly's legal department suing someone for trademark infringement on the Web 2.0 trademark.

I really hope that O'Reilly Networks clears up the trademark issues with Web 2.0. If anyone should own the trademark to Web 2.0, it should be Google, since they are the banner carriers for the thing. In any case, I am not a lawyer and I really don't care beyond the incidental humor of lawyers seemingly trying to make a buck.

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  • Upgrade to Web 2.1
    2006-05-26 12:48:18  jeremy4321 [View]

    That said, it must be frustrating to have all this bad press. The quadry as I see it is that you can't have unauthorized JavaOne, Comdex, or CES conventions going around, so why is it a big deal to limit Web 2.0 conferences.

    Well, I think the difference is in the title. Comdex, JavaOne, and CES are unique names. Web 2.0 seems like more of a standard, which shouldn't be trademarked. It would seem to me like saying that AJAX or HTML or WWW could be trademarked or something.

    I do realize that there are differences but when you take some industry word or phrase and slap a version number on it, expect trademark confusion (e.g. AJAX 2.0, Browser 2.0, Operating System 2.0, Firewall 2.0).