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  Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques
Subject:   Network failure
Date:   2006-05-23 21:47:39
From:   rjasdf
Rarer than the Master going down is the network going down. In this case, the slaves might wrongly deduce that the Master is dead and throw the switch. Meanwhile the Master is alive. Some clients might continue to talk to the "dead" master while others are switched to the "new" master. You get a mess.
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  • Giuseppe Maxia photo Network failure
    2006-05-24 00:19:28  Giuseppe Maxia | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    In the complete solution scenario (See the Replication Playground for a working example), the slave does not change master without being sure that the new master is alive. Thus, in a dead network, a master switch does not happen, because the new master is unreachable.

    Implementing such control is trivial.