Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Update not working
Date:   2006-05-21 22:47:44
From:   guyhillyer
Response to: Update not working

I experienced "update not working" and traced
it to the case of the "name" attribute on the
input tags in edit.rhtml.

That is, I finally made it work by changing
recipe[category_id] to Recipe[category_id].
I gather that the posted "name" attribute
is used as the model name, which is capitalized
in the command "ruby script\generate model Recipe"

Just reporting empirical results!

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  • Update not working
    2006-06-08 19:52:47  guyhillyer [View]

    I posted too soon; I gathered wrong.
    The real problem was that I used
    "scaffold :Recipe" in the controller,
    instead of "scaffold :recipe", as
    the article prescribed.

    "Never mind"