How Shellcodes Work
Subject:   Excellent article
Date:   2006-05-19 07:38:29
From:   perd
I'm glad to see that O'Reilly posted this article. It is well-written, well-explained, and very informative. I hope to see more in-depth articles like this from Peter, he's a great writer.
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  • Excellent article
    2006-05-24 23:19:59  olleolleolle [View]

    +1. The kind, informative, edifying and helpful words on assembly programming were just... great. If Peter is to write anything else, there is an interested public right here.

    In the interest of education, I'd like to read another article to the tune of "This is what [Your OS] Does To Protect You." How these overflow attacks are stopped, why my computer isn't overrun right now, etc.

    Thanks again, Peter, and thanks O'Reilly, for bringing this up.