The REST of the Web
Subject:   Dedicated solutions
Date:   2006-05-11 08:55:40
From:   Karadoc
Since the writing of this article, some dedicated solutions were released.

Check the Restlet project:
It is a pure REST framework for Java. It is bundled with FreeMarker (similar to Velocity used in the article) and Jetty for the HTTP connector.

Check also Gomba, XINS and NetKernel.

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  • Dedicated solutions
    2006-05-11 14:28:00  jrbriggs [View]


    Yes I came across both Restlet and XINS a while ago. I remain unsure whether Restlets really add enough to the mix to be interesting, given that one can do everything with a basic servlet plus additional libraries. But then I'm deeply suspicious of anything advertising itself as a "framework", so perhaps that's just me. ;-)

    XINS is not REST, despite the fact that it advertises its "REST" protocol. Based on my quick double-check of the documentation, it uses GET and POST, combined with a parameter to indicate the function. So basically RPC, rather than REST.

    • Dedicated solutions
      2006-09-18 13:43:37  czerwonka [View]

      REST is not a standard and if the implementation is based on web resources, then it's REST afaic.
      • Dedicated solutions
        2006-09-24 02:23:19  jrbriggs [View]

        Not quite, IMO. One of the aspects of REST is uniform interfaces that apply to all resources (ref: -- given that restriction, a resource that can be interfaced via a wide variety of verbs (ala RPC), which are different from the verbs of another resource, doesn't satisfy the requirements as I see them.